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Ipac, Industria Portuguesa de Cafés Lda is a national company with a total of 500141169. The texts, images, graphics, downloads, sounds, videos, animation, and all other information along with how they are represented graphically on the ipac-cafes website. com, as well as the layout and structure of (materials, structure, slogans and compositions), are all subject to copyright. We do not grant licenses or proprietary rights to the materials and information on our web site, so you do not have the right to reproduce them for any purpose other than personal use or the disclosure of our activities as advertised and disseminated by us.

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Privacy policy and personal data protection.

We view the privacy of customers and users very seriously, complying with the legislation in force in terms of the processing of personal data and privacy.

We adopt best practices to protect user data against unauthorized access and unauthorized use.

The data collected by us on this website (when the user contacts us or buys a product) namely, name, or full name, address, email address, contact phone or mobile phone, is intended for:

Re-contact users by email or SMS with information about our products and services, as long as users show interest in receiving this information through a subscription that can be canceled at any time through the channel for which you received the information or sending an email to requesting the removal of the subscription list (s) and / or deletion of the data.

Customize the website according to your location / language preferences so that it is more convenient for users to browse this website.
Respond to contact requests from users.
Collect and analyze anonymous traffic data, via external statistics services, that allow us to improve this website.

The data collected on this website is not provided by Ipac to external entities and is used only to satisfy user requests, respond to contacts or product communication or to make navigating the website tools more user friendly.

Some data on this website may be shared with other external services that you have subscribed to (such as Google, Gmail, Facebook and other services) through the cookies on those websites. These entities are solely responsible for the availability, distribution and treatment of their web libraries. You should consult the privacy policy of these companies if you are a user of these services.


Cookies are small text files stored on a user’s device when visiting certain websites. On subsequent visits, the file is sent back to the website that originated it, thereby allowing you to identify a user’s preferences. The use of cookies is now common practice on most websites, especially since the rise of e-commerce.

To manage and configure cookies in your browser, you can access these help links and choose your native language on each tutorial link:

In this website, when authorized by the user, we use the following cookies:

Personalization Cookies – allow us to recall user preferences for your location / language or conversations you have maintained through live chat. Thus, on subsequent visits the user will not have to be always selecting these options, making the visit easier.

Statistics Cookies – let us understand by collecting usage statistics, how users navigate our website and how we can improve your website experience and functionality. We use Google Analytics, Tidio, trusted and reputable services, to help us gather this information. The information collected, such as pages visited or time spent on the website, does not allow to identify specific users since the visits are anonymous. To understand more about the privacy policy of these entities, we advise you to visit their websites. Our website uses webservices that are dependent on the acceptance of the policy of using them. These services never collect personal data under any circumstances, and collect only anonymous statistics.

For any question regarding privacy or cookies please contact us via email


Automated decisions with data logic and external libraries

We store information that is handled in an automated way by systems and sub-systems of information, such as systems of sending of emails, sms, info-mail or social networks. The logic of data processing that we use is only to be able to carry out a treatment more personal and dedicated to each user or client. We are not responsible for any crossing, authorization or association of data that may be made through cookies or your user account in these services. Our access to external service data that you subscriber or subscriber is naturally conditioned by the terms of use of the service providers and by the settings made by each user.



This website may contain advertisements and sponsors. Ipac, Indústria Portuguesa de Cafés Lda, hereby announces that advertisers and sponsors are responsible for ensuring that material received for inclusion on the site is in compliance with applicable laws, codes and regulations. We exclude any liability for any error or inaccuracy that the advertising or sponsorship material may contain. The user’s relationship with third parties through the services of our platform and any terms, conditions and guarantees regarding these third parties, namely sponsors or advertisers, are the sole responsibility of the user and its third parties. Ipac is not responsible for the above mentioned relations.


About Data Protection

Who has access to my data?

Only Ipac stores your data. Only Ipac and Olive Multimédia® ™ (webmaster of, the managing entity of the data platform at process your data. We use partnerships and services of other companies that guarantee, through their use policy and data logic, that their personal data are never collected by them. Except through the use of cookies (and according to our policy of cookies that is freely accepted or not by you) there may be collection some data as provided in the policy of cookies. You can read the Olive Multimédia® privacy and data protection policy here.

How is my data used?

We use your information to contact you based on your interests and subscriptions on our website. To Re-contact users by email or SMS with information about our products and services provided that users demonstrate interest in receiving this information through a subscription that can be canceled at any time through the channel for which you received the information or sending a email to requesting the removal of the subscription list (s) and / or deletion of the data. We never give your data to third parties other than those provided in this privacy policy.

Is my data secure?

This website uses a secure connection. Your data is encrypted and processed on protected networks using HTTPS SSL protocol: // In addition, we constantly implement procedures that further enhance data security and protection. We make every effort to keep your data secure and under your control.

What is the location of our web servers and who manages those servers?

All our servers are physically located within the European Union.
All of our servers and applications installed on them are managed by us. Our Server Provider is OVH SAS. For details about their privacy policy please check this link.

How can I access my data stored on me?

Under the new General Data Protection Regime, you can ask us at any time, what data we keep about you. To do so, you must send us an email to requesting the sending of a link for correction or deletion of your data or simply asking what data we keep about you. You should preferably send these requests from the email address you are using or that you think is associated with your user profile. If you submit requests for rectification or deletion of data from email addresses that are not in our system, the received link will display empty fields or an informational message about the non-existence of data.

What happens to my email address and / or data after deletion?

If you send us a request for deletion of personal data, all your data will be deleted within 10 days. You will no longer be able to use some of our online services. You can re-subscribe at any time. Your previous data can never be recovered. Requests for deletion are applied to all databases managed by us or by the entities provided for in this privacy policy. We may request that you identify or prove that you are the data subject if the request refers to an email address other than the one that you used to request that request.



General Website Terms and Conditions

By accepting the Terms and Conditions on this website, the User hereby consents to the collection and computer processing of their data, allowing them to be inserted and stored, for a period of time, on an appropriate basis. The data controllers are Ipac, Indústria Portuguesa de Cafés Lda and Olive Multimédia®. This website uses web services and integrations with other websites or services connected on the web. The use of our website presupposes the knowledge and acceptance of the policy of use of these services. We use linking links to external code libraries to our servers. The privacy policy of these services is the sole responsibility of the entities that provide the services.

The personal data provided by the user / visitor is intended for marketing actions, such as those described in “Cookies Policy”. Pursuant to Law 67/98 of 26 October and the new RGPD regulation, users are guaranteed free access to their data, and can request in writing for their update, correction or elimination by sending a letter to this address or through the electronic address

By visiting this website or sending us e-mail messages, you are communicating with us electronically and also accepting to receive messages from us on the same way. We will communicate with you via email, SMS, voice call or by posting notices on the site. The user will only receive communications from Ipac Lda within the scope of his professional activity and user interests. You agree that the electronic submission of any agreements, notices, notices or other communications addressed to you will immediately satisfy any legal requirement to formalize such communications in writing.

Exclusion of Liability

All the Information on this website is provided as-is and, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, is provided without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. Although the information is believed to be correct, it may include errors or inaccuracies and may change without notice.
We do not represent or warrant that the functions or applications contained in this website are continuous or have no errors.

We disclaim any liability for errors that may occur due to system errors or failure (temporary or permanent) of the website, server, applications or other tools. To the maximum extent possible under applicable law, we are not liable for any damages resulting from the use of, or the inability to use, the website, supplementary websites or any service on the domain.